Geniux Guide

Geniux is a brain booster which comes in the form of capsules and is claimed to create a noticeable difference of the intellectual functions within the short-term, while at the same time helping the brain and all around health within the long run.

The company presents it as manufactured in the USA, within an FDA approved facility, and all its ingredients are supposed to be 100% natural and not able to cause side effects. This statement can be considered false because the nature of the compounds doesn’t really say anything about their potential negative effects.

Some of the most dangerous substances are completely natural, so this argument can’t be used in the favor of the product. This is not in almost any way to say that Geniux is dangerous, but its safety can’t be guaranteed through its origin.

The official website of this supplement presents the fact that out cognitive functions begin to decline as early as thirty years old, and that the product can not simply help in preserving healthy brain functions but in addition in improving them, and it goes as far as to claim which it can increase intelligence.

But intelligence will be the sum of all cognitive functions, so this supplement might just help if it really does affect the brain within the ways that it’s presented as able to.

Geniux Advanced Brain Formula is supposed to improve both short and long-term memory, increase the capability to focus, provide you with more energy and also improve your mood. There is a more comprehensive coverage of what is geniux on this website. This really is what most brain enhancers claim to generate in users, and several times they do work.

But as the largest portion of this sort of supplements are designed to be either fast acting or effective within the long-term, this supplement is presented as able to provide the users with both types of benefits.

The very first results should be observed after only 15 minutes considering that the intake. It’s recommended to ingest this product within the morning, in addition to a glass of water, but it’s also claimed to be safe for ingestion whenever you feel like you may need a boost.

It’s claimed to be a nootropic, which is why the first effects should be so quickly noticeable. Nootropics also are called “smart drugs” and are proven as able to increase mental performance shortly after ingestion.

They stimulate the central nervous-system, which results in improved focus, mental clarity and an increase within the level of energy.

What nootropic qualities this product really has we’ll discover whenever we analyze its ingredients, but for essentially, we’ll keep discussing the properties presented through the company.

It’s claimed that the long-term effects of Geniux should be noticed in a period close to 4 weeks, however the first results could be expected in as short as a week after starting the treatment.

Beyond it’s nootropic qualities, this products should increase the production of neurotransmitters, an impact that should be observed mostly in the long-term.

These compounds are quickly synthesized through the body if all the needed substances are available, but their effects vary according to their type.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals linked to sending information from one brain cell to another, and different types will be accountable for various processes and brain functions.

Because this product claims to improve mood, we can assume that it shall increase the degree of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that plays an important role in regulating emotion and it has a long life span in the body.

Although it’s called the “happy hormone”, it doesn’t have euphoric effects and only helps in keeping emotional balance, but it should reduce stress and improve mental performance altogether. Which product should increase the production of all neurotransmitters, so it should indeed improve all cognitive functions if it’s works as claimed.

And one statement that got our attention is Geniux’s ability to generate an impact that the website calls “elegent illuminism”. We can’t really find a meaning in this combination of (maybe) words, but it refers to the product’s ability to cause it’s users to have “light-bulb moments”.

And this should be expected should the ingredients will improve brain functions, but potential customers that research this product could be confused by this unusual concept alone, so it really doesn’t seem like a good advertising choice. But this really is just one of the unusual statements made in Geniux’s favor.



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